We continue implementing electronic locks in organic containers in Lleida

The City Council of Lleida implements eight new containers with chip opening in the Ciutat Jardí neighbourhood to facilitate the collection of the organic fraction in multi-family buildings. In this neighborhood they already have door-to-door collection, this solution is due to the request made by the neighbours of the affected buildings in search of an […]

Santiago de Compostela, a benchmark in organic waste collection

The city of Galicia a few months ago promoted the implementation of an Organic Matter Management Plan, with which they wanted to promote the composting of the municipality. They installed in some of their neighborhoods the “brown container” or “fifth container” that has organic waste as its exclusive use. The waste that must be deposited […]

Santiago de Compostela installs the ‘brown container’

It has been installed in the neighborhoods of Vite, Fontiñas, Camiño Francés and Salgueiriños de Abaixo The city of Galicia has installed in its neighborhoods the ‘brown container’ or ‘fifth container’ that has organic waste as its exclusive use. The brown containers should be fully in service in the first half of 2023, and will […]