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Automatic waste collection

The City Council of Lleida implements eight new containers with chip opening in the Ciutat Jardí neighbourhood to facilitate the collection of the organic fraction in multi-family buildings.

In this neighborhood they already have door-to-door collection, this solution is due to the request made by the neighbours of the affected buildings in search of an improvement of the current system.

An information campaign has been launched to the residents of the buildings involved to inform about the existence and location of the new containers.

The mayor, Miquel Pueyo, highlighted the involvement of Ciutat Jardí with door-to-door, which began in this neighbourhood and in Vila Montcada at the end of 2018, detailing that they have achieved a recycling percentage of 89%.

The new system requires the use of the chip that has integrated the key ring, which will be distributed two per home. For this reason, the first month will not require the use of the chip, after this time, only users who have a key fob can open the containers with electronic opening.

The new containers have a capacity of 2,200 liters and an entrance space reducer so that only compostable bags can be deposited, increasing the recycling rate.

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