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Oficinas centrales


Automatic waste collection

Door-to-door systems and clean point management

Total control of clean points

With Citisend, obtain complete control over access and management of door-to-door collection (PaP) and clean points in your municipality, as well as the ability to analyze the waste deposited by users and safely reach the rate fair

We offer advanced solutions in collaboration with Komtainer for the total control and optimization of clean points, ensuring efficiency in waste management.

Door to door

Clean points

Emergency area

Everything you need to manage door-to-door collection

We comprehensively manage the door-to-door collection process, ranging from the import of fiscal units on our platform to the implementation and delivery of the corresponding containers. We carefully control the collection phase, monitoring every step, and manage the necessary reports to achieve the fair rate bonus. Additionally, we recognize and reward committed citizens who contribute to increasing the recycling rate.

Virtual or physical card

We place the citizen at the epicenter of the process, providing them with a centralized experience through our mobile application. Available on both IOS and Android, this application allows citizens to view and track their specific actions. It offers detailed information on calendars, on-demand bulky collection services, incident management, and all the functionalities necessary to optimize these processes.


Access the door-to-door collection schedule directly from our application. Use your card, whether virtual or physical, to collect your bin, access emergency areas, identify yourself when depositing waste at mobile or fixed clean points in your city, and request various services on demand. All your actions are registered to guarantee that you can obtain the corresponding tax credit.


Our software provides the ability to record and analyze incidents reported by citizens, using heat maps to identify areas with the highest concentration of problems. In addition, it facilitates the management of the traceability necessary to advance the implementation and execute strategic actions based on the results obtained.

Everything in a single software

Door to door collection

It completely optimizes the waste collection process through identification bracelets, which not only allow users to be identified, but also enable the capture of images in case of improper deposits. From the initial assignment of containers to collection tracking, incident management through chatbot, and even the implementation of gamification to engage users, our system covers the entire spectrum of the process to guarantee efficiency and comprehensive control.

Software recogida Puerta a puerta

Clean point control

Monitor access to emergency areas and clean points to integrate the actions carried out by the citizen and their contribution into the bonuses.

Define the control of your clean points precisely; We provide access through a tablet that will be in the hands of the clean point operator. We offer systems with PIN entry or by reading the user’s virtual card. This variety of options guarantees safe and efficient control, allowing citizen actions to be recorded and facilitating the incorporation of these contributions into the bonus process.

Emergency area

It supervises access to emergency areas to manage the production of waste outside of daily use, while controlling the participation of individuals not belonging to the municipality, thus promoting the practice of recycling.


Within the emergency area, it identifies, through the voluntary identification of contributions, the access that citizens have made to each available container. This approach provides detailed and transparent monitoring of individual contributions, allowing for more effective waste management and promoting citizen responsibility in the recycling process.