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Oficinas centrales


Automatic waste collection

Control of clean points


Control of clean points

Control the use and access of the clean point

With Citisend, you can have effective control over the access and use of fixed and mobile clean points by the inhabitants of your municipality. It is also possible to analyze the types of waste that users deposit at the clean points and control the material output that is produced.

Everything you need to manage the clean point

Our comprehensive solution for the control of clean points covers everything from access to the analysis of the use of the inhabitants of the municipality.

The management of access to clean points or ecoparks is simplified with flexibility through two options. The attended entrance offers an interactive approach, where an operator, an expert in waste classification, supervises and selects the materials deposited by citizens. On the other hand, the unattended option offers convenience through an automated totem, allowing residents to enter the clean point autonomously. This modality not only streamlines the access process, but also optimizes efficiency by providing an automated method for citizen entry, thus improving the overall waste management experience.

Citizen identification

Different access permits can be established through a citizen identification that can be used in clean points, emergency areas, container access control, which simplifies the process of entering the clean point and allows great progress towards the fair rate. .

Contribution to Punto Limpio

Once the citizen has been identified manually or automatically, we give the possibility of identifying and weighing the waste contributed to the Clean Point, allowing the extraction of regulatory reports for the authorities.

Software and analytics

Our software allows complete control and detailed analysis of all data related to the use and generation of waste at the clean point. It allows the parameterization of all reports and the automation and extraction of information.

All clean points in a single software

With Citisend’s advanced software, we achieve a complete understanding of the dynamics of clean points or ecoparks. By analyzing citizen behavior, we can specify the exact number of daily accesses, record operations and distinguish between operators and citizens, identifying large producers.


The platform facilitates departure management, providing detailed control of daily activities. Furthermore, with the option to activate functions such as the guest waste deposit, Komtainer stands out as a versatile tool that streamlines and improves efficiency in daily waste management, ensuring effective and sustainable management.