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Citi’Mission: Intelligent management of tasks and specific needs

Our business solution Citi’Mission supports operational teams in carrying out specific activities, such as graffiti cleaning, incident management and container repair, bulky waste collection and container cleaning. Allows you to create custom mission orders and guide teams in real time.


When an operator enters an incident from his mobile terminal or from the truck, this information becomes the starting point for the creation of a comprehensive mission. Through a centralized system, the incident is automatically assigned to a specific team in charge of resolving it. Key aspects are configured efficiently, prompting the operator to take relevant photos to document the situation and provide visual evidence. Additionally, the operator’s digital signature may be required to confirm the completion of the task. This fluidity in transforming a single incident into a full mission optimizes problem response and resolution, while ensuring accurate data collection and traceability of every step of the process.

Key Features

The solution diagram

Citi’Mission operates through an integrated mobile application, available on tablets or smartphones, providing real-time guidance to operational agents.


Accompanying comfort

It facilitates the guidance of drivers from mission to mission and allows the capture of relevant information in real time.

Quality of service

Ensures service quality by reporting business data in real time for constant monitoring of operational resources.

Tool Flexibility

Provides flexibility to add modules as operational needs evolve.

Create special missions

The Work Order (OT) is the set of tasks to be carried out in a specific direction.

The Citi’Mission module allows you to create various work order categories that reflect an action that will be carried out at any time and work order templates that correspond to tasks that will be carried out at regular intervals.

The principle of the work order model allows you to build a library of field actions that are directly available and can be planned quickly.

Precise work orders: direction of the task and its precise description to the operator

A work order has a set of characteristics that allow the operational agent to easily carry out each of its activities.

In this work order we will be able to configure the information we want, from the date of execution of the order, place of intervention, a local contact, the reading of a tag or the inclusion of a form to analyze the origin.

Citi Misión can be used for multiple uses, from communicative actions carried out by an environmental educator, resolution of incidents, delivery of buckets to large producers, etc.

View the completion level of work orders/missions

With the GEORED software application, we get a complete view of the progress of our work orders. This platform allows the scheduling of tasks, facilitating the temporal management of each assigned task.


Additionally, it offers a clear perspective on the execution status of orders, indicating which have been completed and which are still pending. With the ability to calculate percentage compliance, GEORED provides an accurate performance metric. For added convenience, the option to export data is available, especially useful when operators choose preselected responses from a questionnaire, ensuring detailed and efficient documentation of the process.

Check good compliance with what was planned

With powerful Citi Mission functionality, we ensure that our planning is faithfully translated into execution. The versatility of the configurable forms in the application gives us the ability to collect detailed information directly from the field.


This process guarantees the exhaustive verification of each planned task, allowing us to view the responses obtained in a clear and accessible manner. Thus, Citi Mission becomes an essential tool for the validation and effective monitoring of our operations, ensuring that each planned step has been carried out with precision and efficiency.