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Automatic waste collection

Data Management Software


Data Management Software

Citisend incorporates a platform for the management and analysis in real time of the data that is collected to the containers and to the different devices. The data, which can be consulted in the analysis panel thanks to trend and historical indicators, helps to understand the reality of services, the use of containers, user behavior and their impact. Its cartographic viewer allows to show on a map the geoinformation of the service to interpret it from other perspectives. In addition, through alerts and notifications, the status of each of the devices will be known. The different devices can also be controlled remotely with customizable access settings such as zones, days and time slots, fraction and type of waste. The devices can also be disabled in the case of special events such as municipal parties, etc.
What advantages does it offer?

LINK management and control

Third-party connection API (bidirectional) and webservice (bidirectional pull or push with secure authentication)

Remote lock

Allows remote lock scheduling based on access policies, blacklists and whitelists, and settings

Data analysis

Data analysis with control panels, dynamic table with fully configurable graphs and extractions in Excel or CSV to analyze them outside the system

Business Intelligence Tool

Firmware Upgradeable

Data security following the norm ENS + ISO 27001

Module Taxation

Container and device inventory
Incident and resolution management
Assignment of cards to housing or economic activities
Geoposition of devices at the time of collection, data emptying or maintenance
Emptying of information
Device configuration