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Oficinas centrales


Automatic waste collection

Control and optimization of urban services

Simplifying urban management with Citisend

At Citisend, we offer advanced solutions in collaboration with Simpliciti for the control and optimization of urban services, ensuring efficiency in waste management and street cleaning.


We can manage from the fulfillment of the route in the vehicles that carry out street cleaning, the inventory of existing elements on the street and the collection information obtained by the collection trucks.


Additionally, we have the ability to manage the various actions carried out by the incident resolution groups in the city, parameterizing specific forms that adapt to the needs of the teams in charge of managing incidents.




Our value

Monitor activity in real time

Monitor activity in real time to make informed decisions. Through Simpliciti's Geored application, we plan and control the planned tasks, allowing us to supervise the actions carried out in real time. In the event that a task is not completed, we access the complete history to understand the reasons, providing valuable information to improve the daily management of urban services.

Optimize the execution of services

Optimize the execution of your services through precise data and intelligent analysis. Through the Business Intelligence tool, you know in real time the distance traveled, the hours of activity of the street cleaning equipment with an activity sensor, and details such as whether the electric vehicle is charging and its battery level. By establishing a process map to optimize the execution of services, we can improve our operation and make it more sustainable both economically and operationally.

Decide using the data provided

Take advantage of the data provided to make strategic decisions. Analyzes the execution of urban services by obtaining data from operators, understanding the initial situation of the vehicle fleet before each service. Know the liters consumed on each route and obtain the percentage of the route completed applying quality criteria that truly differentiate the services. These analyzes provide key information to optimize decision making and improve operational quality.

Technology to satisfy all your needs

We offer innovative and scalable solutions designed for communities and service providers, with the aim of optimizing waste collection.

Container collection

Citi’PAV offers precise control of container collection on the street, guaranteeing their correct identification and compliance with planned routes. Simplifies collection routes by automatically monitoring container fill rates, optimizing operational efficiency and collecting detailed information on existing incidents.

Street cleaning

Citi’PAP, managing street cleaning and verifying its correct execution is essential to improve services. Always monitor which areas of the city still need cleaning and where the work has been satisfactorily completed.


Monitor and optimize your street cleaning services. We can obtain a route execution rate, considering the actions of the sweeper, washer, among others. It combines activity management, operational convenience and service quality for efficient urban cleaning administration.

Management of incidents and actions

Citi’Mission is the tool that allows you to parameterize and configure the forms that you want to receive from your incident management teams, maintaining a detailed history of the actions carried out.

Offer support to your operational teams through fully customized work orders and real-time supervision, adapting to their specific needs.