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Oficinas centrales


Automatic waste collection

Identification system


Identification system

Citisend provides a container lock and user identification mechanism that works through a citizen application with Bluetooth and/or NFC cards. The technology also makes it possible to identify the personnel involved in the management of waste collection, detect the use of the containers and control the different contributions and the state of filling of the containers. In addition, it measures the density of pedestrians, employee crossings and the collection of containers.
What advantages does it offer?

Mobile App

Real-time information to a secure server of the relevant public waste manager that collects the data.

Identification card

Allows opening with NFC cards and keychains compatible with Mifare and other systems

Pick-up truck

It sends the data stored in the containers to the server, using the gateway system of the vehicle and acquiring other data related to the route and resolution of incidents.

Expandable system with memory for 1500 records

Cards linked to the APP Link Mobile

Segment users up to 100 groups different

Bluetooth mobile device that allows the collection of data from the devices.
App that allows you to record citizen cards and incident management by service personnel.
Wireless communication for access controls with 2G and Nb-IOT technology
Citizen App for the identification of containers.