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Automatic waste collection


Questions and Answers

Not only that. Citisend is a modular system focused on improving municipal taxes on selective collection. It allows to adapt any of the solutions it offers independently to the municipal selective collection service.
Citisend offers a wide range of end-to-end solutions that work independently. Any of the solutions adapts to the characteristics of your municipality and the selective collection service you already have implemented.
Indeed, Citisend's technology allows you to integrate the data of the collection system you have implemented into the platform. The service can be complemented with a container locker if required.
The system is modular, it is usually installed in the bucket of the container, but it allows to move the installation to adapt to each collection system. This system is compatible with the following types of containers: side loading, bilateral, vertical, rear, bujols, underground, pneumatic and closed areas.
The system has a sticker customized to the container specifying the mode of use. The citizen application allows you to accompany the identification process with step-by-step instructions.
No, Citisend's technology does not require that there be a SIM card in each container. With this system, user data is transmitted in real time thanks to the mobile application. In the case of NFC cards, the container receives the data that will be sent thanks to the mobile device with Bluetooth located to the collection vehicle (Gateway).
The system allows you to configure specific access policies taking into account up to 100 user groups, territory, calendar, schedule, fraction and limited number of uses. It also allows the configuration always open or fenced and the specific configuration for specific days such as major holidays.
Citisend has its own maintenance service specialized in container maintenance service. It is located in Barcelona, Badalona, El Prat de Llobregat, Lleida and Reus. The maintenance service is carried out through a social entity with 12 years of experience. It offers a bimonthly preventive and corrective service and a telematic review 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, scheduled and on demand. Responsiveness is 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on public holidays.
It has lithium batteries. The duration is calculated according to 36,000 annual openings and corresponds to 4 years in the case of non-rechargeable batteries and 1 year in rechargeable batteries. The change is included in the maintenance of the equipment. In the case of reaching the end of the batteries, the container remains open. The system offers the possibility of working with solar panels.
The management and control system (LINK) has an APIO connection with third parties (Bidirectional). It also offers the possibility of exporting the data through a web service of connection with third parties (Bidirectional, pull or push with secure authentication through refresh token system).
The system has a module for the management of housing and economic activities. The system allows the linking of cards from the desktop software or from the Link Mobile application. The system has an initial database importer in XLS or CSV format. Citisend offers support in the initial loading of the database. The data can be maintained by the City Council. The implementation includes training and manuals.
The system has a data analysis module with control panels, dynamic table with fully configurable graphs and extractions in Excel or CSV to analyze them outside the system. In addition, the system has a taxation module with the capacity to define the rules of citizen behavior according to contributions and calculate bonuses.
The women's system complies with current data protection regulations. A procedure for communication, acceptance and permissions to access information is implemented. Additionally we apply the ISO 27001 standard.
Current systems have a selective collection cap, which in the best cases reaches 50% (far from the European targets of 65% by 2030). The municipalities have the challenge of making a change of model, which consists of individualized collection with the aim of co-responsible citizens by focusing on taxation, such as bonuses in the waste rate and in the payment for waste generated. The use of smart bins means an increase in recycling rates and a reduction in emissions thanks to more agile waste collection.
The management APP (Link Mobile) has the following functions: - Inventory of containers and devices (With geoposition). - Management of incidents and resolutions (Tickets) - Assignment of cards to housing or economic activities. - Configuration of the devices, - Emptying of information (Automatic or manual) - Geoposition of devices at the time of collection, data emptying or maintenance. - Incorporates SDK to integrate the functionalities of emptying the information in the mobile applications owned by the contractors.
The citizen APP has the following functions. - The identification of the user to the container - Introduction of incidents - Application management - On-demand services such as bulky, pruning, etc. - Calendar (of access policies) to containers, emergency area, etc. - Consultation of contributions and bonuses according to fiscal policy - Personalized awareness messages based on user behavior - Currently under development: o Identification of bags with QR code.