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Oficinas centrales


Automatic waste collection

Emergency area


Emergency area

Control access to the emergency area

At Citisend, we provide a solution to control access to emergency areas, they are areas with controlled passage that give citizens the possibility of being used in controlled cases.


With our system, you have complete control over who and when can access a container or container area.


Access to emergency areas allows citizens to enter areas with controlled containers, ensuring regulated use. This access is effectively monitored through the app or management software, providing real-time insight. In addition, integration with video surveillance systems further streamlines control by connecting the software with captured images, improving supervision and response capacity in critical situations. This synergy between managed access and surveillance technology strengthens security and efficiency in the management of emergency areas, prioritizing citizen protection and effective resource management.


Increase recycling and good practices

Feedback from the inhabitants

You will obtain real-time information about what is deposited in each emergency area, which will allow you to identify usage trends and bring together the total contributions to achieve the right rate.

Control collection spaces

Control collection spaces and decide use permissions for each user, all while promoting the circular economy and encouraging more sustainable practices among inhabitants.

Circular economy

Increase recycling and good use practices among residents through greater control and data analysis.

Control access to emergency areas

Citisend’s emergency area solution stands out for its total modularity, adjusting to various management modalities. From control via mobile app to identification via citizen card or PIN entry, flexibility is key.


The associated software not only facilitates access management, but also allows detailed analysis of entries in different locations, enabling comparisons and optimizing operational efficiency. If necessary, the solution contemplates the implementation of closed containers in emergency areas, thus ensuring a response adapted to the particularities of each urban environment where the Citisend waste collection system is implemented.