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Automatic waste collection

Citi'PAV: Container Pickup


Citi'PAV: Container Pickup

Pickup at voluntary delivery point

Citi’PAV, to meet the growing demand for smart collection at voluntary contribution points (islands). Initially focused on the collection of existing containers on the street. This solution has expanded to also include household waste, covering both urban and rural areas.


Citi’PAV combines a guidance system for drivers during their journeys with the possibility of entering information thanks to the rugged Android tablet. In this way we can obtain relevant business indicators and coordinate collections with dynamic routes based on the filling rates collected by existing filling sensors.

Key Features

The solution diagram

Citi’PAV operates through an onboard mobile application, available on an Android tablet installed in the front of the vehicle, allowing real-time communication between the operations manager and the field teams.



of the offer with the installation of filling sensors in containers.


of the service by optimizing parameterizable collection routes.


of services performed vs. those planned.


of tools to add modules as operational needs evolve.

Management and visualization of the container park

The Voluntary Contribution Points display page has two complementary parts:

  • The list of containers in the left panel.
  • The container address
  • The date of the last collection: date – container filling – weight
  • Next filling forecast.
  • Color coded to quickly identify fill level
    1. Green for less than 50% fill
    2. Orange for a rate between 50 and 75%.
    3. Red for a rate greater than 75%.

Containers visible on the map

The group of containers can be created with a terminal using the dedicated module, importing the container list in Excel format or through the collector’s collections.

Creating smart pickup routes

Citi’PAV allows the creation of routes with a list of containers. These routes can be created manually and planned for a specific day or scheduled at a regular frequency.

Planning of collection services: punctually or recurring

The “Route Planning” module allows you to view completed and uncompleted routes with navigation available by month.

Verification of proper collection performance

The “Completed” (green) and “Not Completed” (pink) buttons allow you to filter tours based on their status.

The “Month”, “My Agenda” and “List” buttons allow you to change the schedule view.

  1. Month: calendar
  2. My agenda: list of services grouped by day
  3. List: classic route list

Finally, it is possible to obtain a tour summary for each tour taken.