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Automatic waste collection

It has been installed in the neighborhoods of Vite, Fontiñas, Camiño Francés and Salgueiriños de Abaixo

The city of Galicia has installed in its neighborhoods the ‘brown container’ or ‘fifth container’ that has organic waste as its exclusive use.

The brown containers should be fully in service in the first half of 2023, and will initially begin to populate the neighborhoods of Vite, Fontiñas, Camiño Francés and Salgueiriños de Abaixo. According to the technicians there will be about 600 containers throughout the urban area of Compostela.

The City Council of Santiago intends to promote the implementation of an Organic Matter Management Plan and encourage composting in the municipality. This initiative is part of Sustainable Santiago and is named ”Ti Tes a chave”.

The “Ti tes a chave” initiative will set up mobile tents in different streets that will serve as information and material distribution points for users to start composting.

Citizens will receive a welcome kit consisting of an aerated bucket of ten liters capacity, compostable bags and an information leaflet, as well as the electronic key, essential to open the containers, which have a security lock to prevent other non-organic materials from being introduced by mistake.

The waste that must be deposited in the fifth container are the remains of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, shells or nuts, remains of bread, coffee and infusion, kitchen paper, plant remains and cork stoppers.

The City Council of Santiago wants to guarantee a good use of the brown container and that is why the Citisend system will be used.

Citisend has implemented its technology in these containers with the electronic lock for containers, the opening is activated via Bluetooth through a citizen application, or with a card.

To unlock “the cover” and be able to throw organic waste in this tank we must bring the card closer. It is important to wait for the beep to end before moving the card away. If we don’t, the collector door won’t be unlocked.

This system will also allow to know the recycling rates of Compostelans, and will give data that will allow the city council to improve its recycling rates.

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