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Automatic waste collection

Citizens who recycle through smart containers will be identified.

In Palma they want to implement a recycling control system, and that is why they will count on Citisend when it implements the payment for waste generation in 2024. It will do with smart containers, which will identify citizens and thus be able to make discounts on their rate.

In this way, the municipalities will also be able to know who uses the recycling containers correctly and bonus them. In Palma, organic containers already work with a card, but the rate had not changed.

A change that they plan to implement in 2 years, in 2024. This was explained by the president of EMAYA, Ramon Perpiñan, on the second day of the Congress of Anepma, the National Association of Public Environmental Companies, which was held in Palma from November 21 to 24. In the Congress, the experiences of municipalities in Catalonia and Madrid were explained, where this system already gives good results. In the Islands, progressively all municipalities will have to move towards this model. This is established by the Balearic Waste Law.

In Manacor, which implemented this system two years ago, the volume of recycling has increased from 13 to 30%.

PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR WASTE GENERATION A payment system for waste generation is based on the application of a mechanism whereby the user of the waste collection service pays the garbage fee based on his actual waste generation and the service he obtains for its management. These systems make it possible to transfer the “polluter pays” principle to the waste rate and allow rewarding those citizens and businesses that try to reduce their waste and separate it correctly.

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