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Automatic waste collection

The new system will work with a reader card and linked to a mobile application.

The operation of the intelligent container opening system in Montgat has been launched. The new system of opening the containers, in addition to the reader card that each home will have, is also linked to a mobile application that allows users to deposit garbage bags.

With the application, users enter their user code and, then, with the application open and the Bluetooth activated, users can bring the mobile to the container reader to open it and deposit their waste there.

The application also has other functionalities such as communicating incidents on selective collection, requesting the collection of furniture, or allowing the exchange of materials in good condition, and other options.

As of November, the organic and packaging containers were closed and can only be used with the app or card. This system will help improve recycling in the municipality.

The paper and glass containers will be open, but the people who use them will also have to identify themselves with the same system. With this initiative, Montgat takes a step forward to increase the levels of separate waste collection.

Waste management systems allow to achieve the recycling rates of municipal waste set by the European Commission, objectives that oblige the countries of the European Union to reach 55% recycling of this type of waste in 2025 and 60% in 2030.

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