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Automatic waste collection

A model of a city that respects the environment and promotes the circular economy

Within the framework of the Municipalia Fair, Citisend, Smafybin and Urban Refuse Development, we have presented the waste management systems that allow us to achieve the recycling rates of municipal waste set by the European Commission, objectives that oblige the countries of the European Union to reach 55% recycling of this type of waste in 2025 and 60% in 2030. The waste management identification and control solutions developed by Citisend encourage recycling through a comprehensive modular system that personalizes the management of selective collection. These solutions are already being successfully implemented in the pla d’Urgell region, in neighbourhoods of the city of Lleida and Tarragona. The smart solar compactor bin, Smafybin, allows you to manage the same waste as up to 40 conventional bins and reduce the amount of resources needed by up to 75%. Urban Refuse Development provides pneumatic waste collection solutions and has a proven technology, with more than 15 years of experience, currently serving more than 500,000 users and managing more than 450 tons per day. Pneumatic waste collection is becoming the reference system of any demanding city, which values the quality of life of its citizens and wishes to improve the inconveniences generated by conventional collection systems. It improves the urban image, optimizes separation at source and reduces costs per ton collected. The different systems allow cities to have a model of city that respects the environment and promotes the circular economy. These solutions can be found at stand 3001 of Hall 3 of the Municipalia Fair, which is held in Lleida from 19 to 21 October.