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Automatic waste collection

Pla d'Urgell wants to improve selective collection with a digital opening system

The pilot test is being implemented this June in Sidamon, Vilanova de Bellpuig and El Palau d'Anglesola

The Regional Council of Pla d’Urgell has started a pioneering pilot test in the province with which it intends to increase the percentage of selective collection. Specifically, it is a new system of digital opening of the containers, which will allow to obtain more data on the selective collection of each house. This Friday, the XXII program of Lleida Television will deal with sustainability issues and will expand this new method implemented in the territory. Starting this week, the neighbors of Sidamon who want to throw away the waste will have to carry an identification card or an application to the mobile to open the container. It is a new system promoted by the Regional Council of Pla d’Urgell with the aim of obtaining more data on selective collection and reaching the levels requested by the European Union, which has set to achieve the figure of 50% recycling in each municipality by 2025. (Declaration Roser Boldú – Environmental Technician of the Consell Comarcal del Pla d’Urgell) At the moment, this new system only affects the fractions of light, rejection and organic packaging. Users will be able to instantly know the times they have opened each container. (Declaration Roser Boldú – Environmental Technician of the Regional Council of the Environment) The Regional Council intends to expand this pilot test in the municipalities of Vilanova de Bellpuig and El Palau d’Anglesola. In total, it will affect 75 containers.